Bonnel pour les particuliers
" Monuments and heritage "
Passion, determination, precision and humility are the qualities needed to sculpt stone. Our companions, stonemasons restore, historic monument and built heritage, by preserving their authentic and specific shape.

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" Environment and Energy "
Creativity, pragmatism and feedback on our construction experiences, make us experts in rehabilitation. We heed of the existing to face any situation.
From the study phase to the project management on fieldwork, our teams pool their knowledge together to lead, with success, the works you entrust us. For you, we carry out your energy retrofits.

Our realisations

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" New and renovation "
Innovative solutions linked for a quality work. We support you on your projects, by anticipating any technical constraints on structural work.

Our realisations

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Located on the outskirts of Angers, our family company relies on centuries of expertise in stone , rehabilitation of buildings and traditional masonry . Three activities combined into a single entity; it is the strength of our structure . Bonnel , the bias of expertise that accompanies the most ambitious projects.

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Our radius of action extends to nine departments.

3 rue du Stade
49330 Champigné

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