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In the lineage of stonecutting’s craftsmen…

Located on the outskirts of Anger, we are, as a general construction company in building sector, involved on several main activities such as:

  • Restoration and renovation on historical classified and registered monuments
  • Housing, building construction and/or renovation works, and,

Set up as a family business, we employ some one hundred people. Driven by the management team, the company’s development is made through innovation and implementation of proprietary processes.

Organizational chart

Organizational Chart Bonnel -Web


Our history

The company BONNEL is the result, of a craftsmen stonemason lineage, that originated in Anjou since the 19th century. It is, today, a well established building company that is actively involved in the preservation of local heritage while tirelessly seeking new technical innovations.

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SARL Bonnel’s figures

Annual turnover for the last three years

  • Year 2011/2012: € 15,225,035
  • Year 2012/2013: € 18,127,598
  • Year 2013/2014: € 12,415,000

Company’s premises